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   EasyHideIP.com is a Easy Hide IP Software that will mask your real Internet Address and will protect your identity on Websites. Your Identity is Secure, Protected, and Anonymized. Browse anonymously and changes browser user agent. Hide your IP with one click.

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EasyHideIP.com Hide Your IP and Surf Anonymously is fully automatic. You don't need to have any knowledge of setting up proxy connections. Just click "Search Proxy List" and watch.

EasyHideIP.com Hide Your IP and Surf Anonymously will check your real IP address, verify a large number of proxy servers, delete the non-functional proxies, sort them by country, select the proxy, check your IP address again and compare it with your real IP address.

You can also go through the above mentioned steps manually, which makes EasyHideIP.com Hide Your IP and Surf Anonymously suitable for experienced users as well.

You can copy paste proxy list from a website to EasyHideIP.com Proxy Checker, e.g.: http://www.proxyforest.com/proxy.htm
and more...

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EasyHideIP.com Hide Your IP and Surf Anonymously supports MS Internet Explorer browser and runs on Windows 98/NT/2000/XP.

When you connect to internet, your ISP assigns you an IP address. So when you browse a website, your IP address, your country and town of your residence, your ISP and more information is visible. You may want to surf internet anonymously and hide your IP address.

To hide your IP address, you need to use an internet service called an anonymous proxy server. Proxy server access website on your behalf and use it's own IP Address, not yours. You connect to internet indirectly.

Why do I need a EasyHideIP.com Hide Your IP and Surf Anonymously software?
Because your IP address which is your identity number on the web is visible to any website that you visit. This software is for you, if internet privacy is an issue for you.

EasyHideIP.com - Easy Hide Your IP and Surf Anonymously Instructions

Automatic Search Proxy List from EasyHideIP.com
1. Click the Search Proxy List Button
2. Please wait until Search Proxy List Button ACTIVE
3. Select IP from Search Proxy List or Proxy Checker Result
4. Click the Hide Your IP Button to START Surf Anonymously
5. Always Open New Internet Explorer Browser everytime change Proxy
6. Click the Stop Hiding Button to STOP Surf Anonymously

Manual Proxy List from your collection
e.g.: http://www.proxyforest.com/proxy.htm
1. Paste your Proxy list (Format IP Address is IP:PORT)
2. Click the Check List Button
3. Please wait until Check List Button ACTIVE
4. Select IP from Search Proxy List or Proxy Checker Result
5. Click the Hide Your IP Button to START Surf Anonymously
6. Always Open New Internet Explorer Browser everytime change Proxy
7. Click the Stop Hiding Button to STOP Surf Anonymously

Q: Sometime I can not exit / close Application.
A: Click Search Proxy List Button and then click twice [x] symbol.

Manual Proxy Configuration Your Web Browser

For FireFox users go to (Tools > Options > Advanced > Network > Connection Settings) and select "Manual Proxy Configuration", and enter in an IP and Port from our list into the text boxes.

For Internet Explorer users go to (Tools > Internet Options > Connections > Lan), select "use proxy server" and enter in an IP and Port from our list.

VPN Setup / Instructions

What is an IP address?
IP address is your internet identification number. IP number reveals information about your country of residence and who your internet service provider is.

What information transmits to a web-server (by a browser or proxy server):
- a name and a version of an operating system
- a name and a version of a browser
- configuration of a browser (display resolution, color depth, java / javascript support, etc.)
- IP address of a client
- Other information

The most important part of such information (and absolutely needless for a web-server) is information about IP-address. Using your IP it is possible to know about you the following:
- a country where you are from
- a city
- your provider’s name and e-mail
- your physical address

Information, transmitted by a client to a server is available (accessible) for a server as environment variables. Every information unit is a value of some variable. If any information unit is not transmitted, then corresponding variable will be empty (its value will be undetermined).

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